A framework for understanding what rewilding is (in Britain)

There is still plenty of discussion about what rewilding means. Like many words that describe how people interact with nature (e.g. agriculture and conservation), rewilding doesn’t have a single method of implementation. This framework attempts to provide a pragmatic description of what rewilding is and isn’t, based on rewilding in Britain. It is essentially exploring what rewilding projects have in common while allowing each project to be unique to the place, nature and people involved. It would be great to hear what you think.

Photo: Glenfeshie. Note: This framework is adapted from Sandom, C.J. and Wynne-Jones,S., 2019. Rewilding a country: Britain as a study case. Ch. 12 p.222-247 in Rewilding, Edited by Pettorelli N., Durant S.M., du Toit, J.T. Cambridge University Press. Partially available here.
Photo: Creag Meagaidh. Note: Creating self-willed ecosystems is the primary goal of the rewilding idea, and reversing the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services are goals often associated with rewilding.
Photo: Wild Ennerdale
Photo: Alladale
Photo: Knepp
Photo: Dundreggan
Photo: Carrifran Wild Wood

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