Wild Science

We believe that the sharing of knowledge and research is important if we are to garner support and advocacy for rewilding and conservation projects in our community. We have provided an assortment of links and resources ranging from scientific papers and studies (all of which members of Rewilding Sussex have contributed), to book and media suggestions that encourage and educate rewilding, to learning resources for members of the public, both young and old.

Rewilding Science
@RewildingS is a joint-managed twitter account dedicated to exploring, and communicating, the science of #rewilding |updated weekly
Tweets by @Nature_Based, @Painting_Nature, @DandoTom , and @OwenMiiddleton|

Keystone Species (Coming soon)
Large Herbivore Information Sheets (Coming soon)
Books & Media (Coming soon)
Rewilding in the UK (Coming soon)
Global Rewilding (Coming soon)

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