Scientific Papers

The papers provided here are just those written by members of the Rewilding Sussex team. There is loads of other fantastic rewilding research out there, but we hope you like these papers.

Rewilding complex ecosystems A Perino, HM Pereira, LM Navarro, N Fernández, JM Bullock, S Ceaușu. Science 364 (6438), eaav5570

Science for a wilder Anthropocene: Synthesis and future directions for trophic rewilding research J C Svenning, PBM Pedersen, CJ Donlan, R Ejrnæs, S Faurby, M Galetti. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (4), 898-906

Rewilding: Science, practice, and politics J Lorimer, C Sandom, P Jepson, C Doughty, M Barua, KJ Kirby. Annual Review of Environment and Resources 40, 39-62

High herbivore density associated with vegetation diversity in interglacial ecosystems CJ Sandom, R Ejrnæs, MDD Hansen, JC Svenning. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (11), 4162-4167

Rewilding, CJ Sandom, CJ Donlan, JC Svenning, D Hansen. Key Topics in Conservation Biology 2

Making rewilding fit for policy N Pettorelli, J Barlow, PA Stephens, SM Durant, B Connor. Journal of Applied Ecology 55 (3), 1114-1125

Rewilding the Scottish Highlands: Do Wild Boar,Sus scrofa, Use a Suitable Foraging Strategy to be Effective Ecosystem Engineers? CJ Sandom, J Hughes, DW Macdonald. Restoration Ecology 21 (3), 336-343

Rooting for Rewilding: Quantifying Wild Boar’s Sus scrofa Rooting Rate in the Scottish Highlands CJ Sandom, J Hughes, DW Macdonald. Restoration Ecology 21 (3), 329-335

Fences can support restoration in human‐dominated ecosystems when rewilding with large predators JW Bull, R Ejrnæs, DW Macdonald, JC Svenning, CJ Sandom. Restoration ecology 27 (1), 198-209

Conservation and the problem with ’natural’- does rewilding hold the answer? TP Moorhouse, CJ Sandom. Geography 100, 45

Rewilding a country: Britain as a study case CJ Sandom, S Wynne-Jones. Rewilding, 222

Rewilding in the English uplands: Policy and practice CJ Sandom, B Dempsey, D Bullock, A Ely, P Jepson, S Jimenez-Wisler. Journal of Applied Ecology 56 (2), 266-273

Trophic rewilding presents regionally specific opportunities for mitigating climate change CJ Sandom, O Middleton, E Lundgren, J Rowan, SD Schowanek. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 375 (1794), 20190125

Rewilding–departures in conservation policy and practice? An evaluation of developments in Britain S Wynne-Jones, G Strouts, C O’Neil, C Sandom. Conservation and Society